Educational Informatics is a company of technologists, educators, and researchers who design, develop, and integrate technology-driven solutions for teaching and learning for K-12 schools and higher education. With our rGrade™ Assessment Management System and other products and services, we connect professional practices with outcomes of student learning.
Our Mission
  • Empower universities, colleges, and schools to improve learning for all students.
  • Develop, implement, and support innovative informatics solutions for the education market.
  • Engage in research, consulting, and evaluation in areas pertaining to: assessment systems, online teaching and learning, digital media, and school information infrastructures


EI started in 2004 as the first technology-transfer company from Ball State University. EI maintains a close working relationship with Ball State University and Teachers College, sharing in its mission to advance the professionalism of university faculty and K-12 teachers. EI is a proud affiliate of the Muncie Innovation Connector. We also have ties to the Taylor University's Center for Research & Innovation. Contact us at: