With rGrade, K-12 teachers can:

  • Design subject-area learning goals and common assessments
  • Build and share standards-aligned rubrics
  • Assess student learning with interactive rubrics
  • Organize learning evidence for student-level and subject-area reporting
  • Assess digital portfolios

Our consultants help schools with:

  • Systems planning, evaluation, design, and implementation
  • Strategies for implementing curriculum maps with classroom assessments
  • Teacher training on assessment and technology
  • Integration of interactive technologies for teaching and learning
  • Content management systems for teachers and students
  • Grant writing

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The rGrade Assessment Management System is our comprehensive assessment platform that supports assessment planning, design, implementation, and reporting. rGrade provides teachers and schools with advanced rubric design, standards alignment, and analysis tools that facilitate classroom assessment while integrating other data sources (e.g. ISTEP). rGrade provides teachers and administrators with powerful data dashboards to support a data-driven assessment and teaching.

A “2 for 1” Product

Why stop at RISE alone when the same system can support direct assessment of student learning? RISE Above with rGrade!

rGrade is our comprehensive assessment platform that serves both short-and long-term assessment needs for a school or district. We’ve been making rGrade for 8 years to support assessment of student learning for instructional support and program reporting. RISE evaluation is a natural evolution of our highly configurable rGrade platform. Our approach to RISE is to help schools and districts tend to their RISE reporting needs but using a platform that has long-term potential beyond merely RISE. RISE Above!

Our rGrade and RISE Systems:
rGrade K-12™ is our comprehensive solution for student assessment and classroom data dashboards. The RISE module can be added to that or purchased separately.
rGrade™ RISE is a solution that just includes the RISE module for teacher evaluation.
rGrade K-12™ + RISE = RISE above with our comprehensive solution for teacher evaluation AND student assessment and classroom data dashboards.